Monica Lovato was a blessing to my mom & family during a very difficult time. Monica was her nurse but went above & beyond her duties. Her background before nursing also helped to give us lots of nutritional tips. She would go out of her way & show up with different foods and electrolytes when my mom’s nutrition began declining. She was on call 24/7 and always was available. I know she had other patients but she somehow manages to treat each patient like if they were her only patient. She not only makes patients her priorities, but she’s also taken the time to answer questions & inform the family. She is very professional, caring and trustworthy. My mom was my world so it’s difficult trusting just anyone with your loved ones. My mom loved having her as did I. She never made me feel as if she was rushed if I had questions. I will always be thankful for all she did.

Loretta Mondragon
My mother passed in early 2019 from cancer. Prior to, she spent a couple months at home under hospice care. Monica was among the extraordinary team of nurses that cared for my mom during her final weeks. Monica is a kind, patient and qualified nurse. She understood the emotional pain and frustrations that our family encountered during that tough time. She never made us feel overbearing, unreasonable, or paranoid, no matter the request or questions we had. She made herself available for call and questions, even while she was off shift. She shared her personal experiences with illness and loss, which helped guide us through decisions about care, medicine and final wishes. There is no easy way to lose a loved one, but it certainly helps to be in the presence of medical professionals who have compassion for those impacted by the loss. Monica comes with my note of recommendation.  
Monique Romero

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